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What is gokigen japanese?

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Konnichiwa! My name is Mai. I’m an experienced and friendly Japanese tutor. Teaching the Japanese language is my passion, and I enjoy communicating with people from all over the world! What are your favorite Japanese dishes? Where in Japan do you want to go? Talk to me in the classroom. See you soon.



Hi there! My name is Yuki. I was born and raised in a western Japanese prefecture of Nagasaki until I was eighteen, after which I lived in some cities. I now live in Tokyo. I met a lot of people who liked Japan and were studying Japanese while I was in Australia, which got me into teaching it! I’m a big fan of “Attack on Titan”! Please let me know if you’re an anime fan too :)



Hello, I grew up in both Los Angeles and Tokyo and now live in Boston. I’d love to spend my weekend gardening, cooking, and visiting museums. I love Japanese art crafts, particularly Arita ceramics and Ukiyoe, Japanese wooden prints. I am also a big fan of traditional and modern Japanese architecture. Nice to meet you!

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What do our students say?

"The lessons were really nice to go through and having to speak through them was really refreshing for me compared to just doing duolingo."

Japanese level: Beginner, 20s in United States

"I think the learning material is very efficient and easy to understand. One very outstanding point is that the lesson touch on cultural information and also practical usage learning."

Japanese level: Pre-intermediate, 20s in Hong Kong

"I like that the lessons offer such a good mix of culture, vocabulary, grammar, etc. They cover so many topics at once."

Japanese level: Advanced, 60s in United States

Features of gokigen japanese

1-on-1 50 minute online lessons

1-on-1 50 minute online lessons

You have the flexibility to book and participate in lessons at your convenience.

Exceptional native tutors

Exceptional native tutors

Tutors are proficient in both Japanese and English to teach authentic Japanese.

Comprehensive learning materials

Comprehensive learning materials

Our learning materials cover fundamental grammar, conversation, and culture.

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Online 1on1

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Online 1on1


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4 lessons

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4 lessons

*You can purchase an additional lesson ticket for $29.90.

Your experience in gokigen japanese

  • Number 1

    Learn Japanese effectively

    You can use many helpful tools, such as lesson materials, homework, and pre-study videos.

  • Number 2

    Explore living language and culture

    You can learn from our original lesson materials that explain the fascinating culture and real Japanese.

  • Number 3

    Enjoy comfortable lessons

    You can find the ideal tutors for you, friendly and fluent in English.

  • Number 4

    Solve your questions in lessons

    You can enjoy online 1-on-1 lessons and ask your tutor questions anytime in the lesson.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a trial lesson? Is it free?

Once you have created a free account, you will be able to book a free trial lesson. This is an opportunity for you to explore the Japanese learning experience we offer - finding a tutor, booking a lesson, and meeting your tutor. A trial lesson is free of charge.

Who teaches at gokigen japanese?

Our tutors are all native speakers of Japanese, but they have an excellent command of English as well. They are hand-selected tutors with solid backgrounds who have passed our screening process and training. Some of them also have relevant professional and academic qualifications, training or Japanese teaching experience elsewhere.

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